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"You can rely on BaigMedia to deliver exactly what they say they're going to do. They have gotten me more leads than I can handle."

- Scott Fowler, CEO, The Auto Garage

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"Marketing is an investment and after a lot of trial and error with other agencies, I can say that BaigMedia is the one that gets you the most return on your investment."

- Tony Lucky, CMO, High Sky Construction

Paid Advertising


When executed properly, the right advertisement can lead a frenzy of raving fans and customers, literally, to wherever you want them to go. Whether that's a website, the front door of your business, or your next event, BaigMedia can make it happen.

We dive deep into the analysis of your customer base to find out which exact channels they pay attention to and spend their time on so we can prioritize what will work best for you.

BaigMedia takes advantage of underpriced channels that bring the most impact to your business.


For most businesses today, Social Media Marketing is likely the best method to drive traffic to them. Our social media experts research and analyze your business and industry to figure out which platform is used most by the people you want to view your content. 


Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Snapchat or the many others, we take the time to research and target your customer with precision so only the right people view your content. Our creative team develops specific, native and customized content, approved by you, to fit your objective and drive the best results.

We split test variations of the campaign to observe which exact set up is gaining the best results. We manage the campaign all the way through to make sure only the right ad(s) are being displayed only to people who should be seeing it and only where they engage with the content the most. This drives the cost of the campaign down so you get highest ROI possible. The results of these campaigns are trackable and we go over them with you in detail and use the information to optimize the next campaign and increase the ROI wherever possible.


If no one can find you, no one can do business with you. We specialize in organic SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click). You may have the best website in the world but it won't do any good if no one can find it.


We can optimize your entire website and each page to give the best organic ranking possible. Whether Google, YouTube or Amazon, organic increase in search ranking will always give you the most validity for your business and drive the most traffic through search.


Organic ranking is great but it takes time. We also specialize in PPC to quickly boost the traffic going to your website by doing extensive keyword research and marketing, tracking competitors and utilize unique search words that offer the most amount of traffic for the least cost per click.