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"You can rely on BaigMedia to deliver exactly what they say they're going to do. They have gotten me more leads than I can handle."

- Scott Fowler, CEO, The Auto Garage

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"Marketing is an investment and after a lot of trial and error with other agencies, I can say that BaigMedia is the one that gets you the most return on your investment."

- Tony Lucky, CMO, High Sky Construction

Lead Generation


After carefully analyzing your customer base, your wanted customer and your objective, BaigMedia can create a powerful marketing campaign prioritized according to where your prospects spend most of their time. We create professional, specific and creative Landing Pages with sole objective of capturing the information of that visitor.

Our laser targeting along with creative marketing will allow us to hand over to you a vetted and qualified lead that has higher likeliness of becoming an actual paying customer. 

Because the results can thoroughly analyzed, we can determine which variations are working best and scale the campaigns to maximize lead captures.

Every lead is properly sent to you instantly according to the method or location you want that lead to be in. Whether it's an email, software, or a list, we can customize and integrate the ads, landing page, and opt-in form to fit your needs.

BaigMedia creates powerful marketing systems to maximize qualified leads, captured with detailed metrics.