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"You can rely on BaigMedia to deliver exactly what they say they're going to do. They have gotten me more leads than I can handle."

- Scott Fowler, CEO, The Auto Garage

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"Marketing is an investment and after a lot of trial and error with other agencies, I can say that BaigMedia is the one that gets you the most return on your investment."

- Tony Lucky, CMO, High Sky Construction

Email Marketing


To this day, email is one of the most reliable and proven techniques to directly reach a consumer. Staying connected with your fan or customer base builds trust, loyalty and repeat business. Your customer will not buy from you again if he or she forgets about you. Whether you have an eCommerce store, a restaurant or even an auto repair shop, consistently emailing your customers is key to increasing long term value and ROI.


BaigMedia offers a full service email marketing solution that focuses on increasing subscribers, open percentages and sales. We develop create engaging and natural content for a wide variety of objectives.

BaigMedia offers a full service email marketing solution for every objective.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails typically get 3x the revenue-per-email as promotional mailings. We setup professional and engaging welcome emails that make sure your subscriber will open the next one.


Promotional Emails and Drip Campaigns

One of the best things about building a large subscriber base that's not tied into any platform (unlike Facebook fans or Twitter followers) is that you can reach them anytime without restriction or a "budget" and promote the product or service you want. We create irresistible offers so that the readers can't wait to click the button that takes them to your website.

We also setup drip campaigns that send emails and offers based on the actions and even non-actions of the subscriber. The right email gets sent at the right time to the right subscriber. 


Order Confirmation Emails

With overall open rates averaging greater than 70%, transactional emails can also be used to improve conversion rates to purchase, cross-sell, or up-sell products, increase web traffic, qualify leads, and provide marketing accountability. This undervalued email is often left without any content that can increase the value of the initial purchase. 


Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to keep you right at the top of your customer's mind and build brand trust and loyalty. Each piece of content right down to the strategic wording has an underlying objective. 

Targeted Email Campaigns

Each email sent is worded strategically and the content includes a series of hyperlinks. You can analyze what the customer is thinking and what they want by looking at the what they've been clicking on. Understanding the reason why they clicked on a particular link allows us to build targeted content on top of targeted content over and over again.

Shopping-Cart Abandonment

For every three people who become paying customers, at least seven don’t. That means that roughly 60% of the people that at least interested enough to actually add what you're selling to their cart, don't end up even purchasing. The astonishing percentage of sales lost every time when visitors are about to buy something, and then change their minds, is too much to not go after. We setup an automated back end system that tracks which visitors were just a few clicks away from being a customer and take another swing at them through an email that really entices them to take a second look at that cart.