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"You can rely on BaigMedia to deliver exactly what they say they're going to do. They have gotten me more leads than I can handle."

- Scott Fowler, CEO, The Auto Garage

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"Marketing is an investment and after a lot of trial and error with other agencies, I can say that BaigMedia is the one that gets you the most return on your investment."

- Tony Lucky, CMO, High Sky Construction

Alexa Skills


One of our newest departments that we're very excited about is our Voice User Interface department. Wouldn't it be great if someone said to their Amazon Echo, "Ask [Insert Your Product/App/Business] to set up an appointment on Monday at 3" and then Alexa replies, "Done" as you receive a notification via Text, Email, Call or App Push Notification that you've got business on Monday? 


Well, BaigMedia can do exactly that. We can take your existing app (or one we create for you) and create a skill around it that makes it extremely easy to interact with your business.

We can also provide analytics for you to monitor to so you know exactly how people are using their voice to interact with your business.

BaigMedia can create Alexa Skills for your business so customers can engage with you with complete ease.